WES250, Lisburn, Northern Ireland

In August 2013 the WES250 turbine of Mr. Earney was installed at Lisburn, Northern Ireland.

The turbine of Mr. Earney is performing very well as shown in the online data from NIE. 

Compared with similar turbines in the area the WES250 of Mr. Earney is outperforming with 15%. 

Please find Mr. Earney's testimonial and official NIE turbine data here:

Testimonial WES250 Thomas Earney 


WES80, Fife, Scotland

In August 2011 a WES80 turbine was installed at Gateside, Fife in Scotland together with our dealer Willow Energy.

John, the owner of the turbine, is interviewed in this video:

WES Interview John.mov


WES80, Kennoway, Scotland

In 2011 Wind Energy Solutions (WES) installed a WES80 at Langside Farm, in Kennoway Scotland.
Mr. Howie the proud owner is explaining in this video the process leading to his decision to purchase a WES80 turbine: