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Wind Energy Solutions BV (WES) is the manufacturer of the WES50, WES80, WES100 and WES250 midsize wind turbines. 

WES turbines are accessible and affordable, and are distributed around the world through a global network of trained and certified partners. WES turbines are ideally suitable for distributed wind power applications.
WES wind turbines provide users with reduced energy costs and carbon emissions. They also enable users to take advantage of income opportunities related to power generation.
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In August 2013 the WES250 turbine of Mr. Earney was installed at Lisburn, Northern...


Sustainable energy in a remote location

When sufficient wind is available in a remote, isolated grid area, the WES Hybrid system can significantly reduce energy costs. Installed WES Hybrid turbines have demonstrated  that up to 80% of energy need can be met by wind energy.

Diesel generators are often used to produce electricity in remote areas with isolated grids. Electricity generated in this way is expensive.

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Owner of a WES250

In August 2013 the WES250 turbine of Mr. Earney was installed at Lisburn, Northern Ireland. The turbine of Mr. Earney is performing very well as shown in the online data from NIE. Compared with similar turbines in the area the WES250 of Mr. Earney is outperforming with 15%.

Please find Mr. Earney's testimonial and official NIE turbine data here: